Nice for Nice has a new Home - Handsome & Co

Bryan has moved into his new workshop space at Handsome & Co. This space is full of some amazing talent and has a regular flow of students who are always working on unique pieces, check out more about Handsome & Co here.

It's an exciting step for any small business and one that means production of our made to order products and bespoke pieces can start to catch up with our backlog of orders. 

Feel free to come in and say hi and check out what Bryan is working on next. Winnie will be taking her new role of receptionist very seriously. 

Nice for Nice now on Makers Lane

Joining some of Australia's finest makers and creators, Nice for Nice now features some of our made to order products on the Makers Lane shop and will be responding to briefs. 

Makers Lane believes people seeking custom goods want to be able to have input into the design and creation of the item; a collaborative affair.

Their marketplace is designed to make it easy for customers to find and interact with Makers while we provide customer guarantees that make the choice of going custom an easy decision.

We look forward to commencing some interesting projects through Makers Lane soon

Check out Makers Lane here:  and the Nice for Nice page here:


Nice for Nice @ Denfair 2016 - Bespoke

Bryan Micallef created a Warp & Weft Box to display at Denfair 2016 as part of the Bespoke stand. Bespoke was made up of 5 incredibly talented local makers who each displayed their interpretation of the humble box.

The Warp & Weft Box was created using both bent lamination and steam bent techniques to create a cube that appears more like something made of fabric than solid timber.

If the MGFW instagram is anything to go by, the crowd seemed to like it